Dr. Forsythe believes the combination of the art and the science of medicine is of foremost importance. in the treatment of cancer. He draws upon all treatment modalities from the most advanced conventional treatments to the most effective therapies of homeopathic medicine.

Dr. Forsythe continues with his many clinical outcome-based studies. In his research, he used three options per the patients’ desires: 1.Fractionated chemotherapy with Insulin Polentiated Therapy (IPT), 2. Fractionated chemotherapy plus homeopathic treatments, and 3. Complementary (homeopathic and/or naturopathic) modalities alone.

The following Treatment Options are offered for Cancer Care:

•    The Forsythe Immune Protocol with The Forsythe Lite (low-dose fractionated chemo) Insulin Potentiated Therapy (LDIPT) Protocol

•     Alkaline H2O-PH Therapy • Chemotherapy with Immune Enhancement

•     Chemosensitivity Testing on Whole Blood

•     Immune Enhancement • Nutritional and Lifestyle Guidance

•     Individual Dietary, Vitamin, Mineral and Herbal Programs

•     Use of Biologic Response Modifiers Including Immunotherapy

•     Referrals for Surgical and/or Radiation Therapy

•     Second Opinions

•     Infusion Center for all Intravenous Treatments

•     Bio-Oxidative Therapy

•     Stress Management

Art and Science in the Treatment of Cancer

The following medical investigations have been accomplished by Dr. Forsythe and his staff:

1. Paw-Paw

2. Poly-MVA

3. Forsythe Immune Protocol

4. Forsythe Lite (low-dose chemo) Insulin Potentiated Therapy (LDIPT ) Protocol with Genomic Testing

Dr. Forsythe found through his studies that superior results were obtained by using combination treatments of: The Forsythe Immune Protocol and the Forsythe Lite (low dose chemo) with Insulin Potentiated Therapy (LDIPT) Protocols. Our Goals While the treatments of conventional and complementary therapies for cancer are two separate sciences, both are linked by common philosophies. Among the following:

·         Empowerment: Enable patients to make choices in their own treatment, recovery and future health maintenance.

·         Good Nutrition: Stress the importance of Good Nutrition as a core requirement of health.

·         Supplementation: Vitamins, minerals, nutrients, herbs, hormones, and enzymes to fight off disease and eliminate toxins.

·         Balance: Give patients the ability to achieve a balanced life style that includes exercise, rest, sleep and emotional harmony.

·         Hormonal Replacement: The backbone to health, a better quality of life and longevity. Replacing all declining hormones.

·         Holistic Health: Treating the whole person, not just their illness or a single organ.

·         Detoxification: Detoxify and improve the efficiency of the organs and body systems.

·         Knowledge: Increase health awareness and early cancer detection through education and active prevention.