The use of dietary supplements can serve as a formidable tool within the Forsythe Anti-Cancer diet regimen, particularly for patients who need to quickly fortify their bodies with essential vitamins and nutrients.

Usually taken orally via capsules, as an overall category supplements are deemed as potentially beneficial. In fact, an international book on accepted standards-the “Codex Alimentartius”-includes these substances as a category of food.

Particularly among patients who have dropped large percentages of body weight and lost strength, supplements can enable them to ingest the elements they need to recover. However, the potential use of supplements is so critical I recommend any cancer patient to use them as part of their daily treatment plan.

Often critical in enabling cells to have a “fighting chance” at battling cancer, minimizing the impacts of the disease, or in preventing it from spreading.

The use of minerals is necessary. The delivery of substances like zinc, magnesium, and iron to fortify the body’s continual war against disease and infection needs to be part of the patient treatment plan.

Fatty Acids:
These substances, especially fish oil, can help the body minimize the potential impact of symptoms such as inflammation that when left untreated can lead to cancer or promote the spread of the disease.

Some supplements help the body remove toxins that stall or block the cancer recovery process. Specific targeted IVs are given to remove these radicals from the body and are part of the medical treatment plan for cancer patients.

Most cancer patients have become weakened and dehydrated, not only from their cancer but also from their different therapies. An adequate and well-timed supplement regimen can enable them to steadily gain strength and begin recovery.