The First Doctor in Nevada
Offering SOT Cancer Therapy

Dr. Forsythe offers an all-inclusive program to treat adult cancers of all types.

He has developed an outstanding protocol, “The Forsythe Immune Protocol” (FIP) cancer treatment plan. This treatment plan in a current prospective study of over ten years in 2,000 adult cancer patients has produced a remarkable 68% overall survival rate.

Patient Testimonials

“Thanks to Dr. Forsythe and his outstanding staff, I have been able to continue my life and be an active participant in my treatment and in the lives of my family. Dr. Forsythe is a wonderful and compassionate doctor. I traveled over…”

MIKE OLIVER, cancer survivor

“Dr Forsythe is doing God’s work, which is particularly difficult for an oncologist in this country. If you or a loved one has stage IV cancer, do yourself a kindness and go to see him before you begin treatment with your local oncologist.”


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