Remain physically active or incorporate activity into your lifestyle

Dr. Forsythe emphasizes the need to enjoy physical activity, an integral method of looking and feeling youthful.

Exercise experts are now revising their definition of aging to reflect that “aging for most people equates to inactivity.” These physicians say that “it’s never too late to start exercising, but getting a jump start while you’re still mobile is best.”

Restrict your intake of calories

Increasing numbers of physicians including Dr. Forsythe recommend restricting your calorie intake, to minimize weight and to avoid eating far more than necessary.

Backed by various medical studies and laboratory tests involving non-human animals, many doctors believe that mammals with restricted calorie intake live healthier and longer.

Those reluctant to accept such findings often claim that more studies need to be done during expensive periods of multiple decades. Nonetheless, a cadre of existing study results leave many medical professionals convinced that restricting calories can help put us on a good pathway to extending our lives.