Dr. James Forsythe practices Integrative cancer medicine which combines conventional and alternative treatments.

The Forsythe Immune Protocol™ (FIP) shows an average overall survivorship rate of 68% depending on specific cancers as identified in a prospective study over a 120-month period in 2,000 Stage IV cancer patients analyzed from 03/12-03/22.

The “FIP” protocol involves a complete consultation with review of accompanying medical records along with pertinent Laboratory reports, Biopsy Reports, X-Rays, CAT Scans, Pet Scans, Ultrasounds and MRIs.

Blood is drawn for the all-important chemo-sensitivity test also known as liquid biopsy; Genomics test.

The above tests are sent off to one of the three best Genetic Laboratories in the world- “RGCC” in Greece, and within 10 to 12 days a comprehensive report is emailed to Dr. Forsythe’s office. Immediately a protocol is constructed using the two best drugs and all of the earmarked supplements (vitamins, minerals, herbs, etc.).

The patient is then called and given the results. Their options are discussed:

  1. Full-dose chemotherapy with the two best drugs chosen by a qualified certified medical oncologist
  2. Low-dose Non-Toxic-Potentiated Lite Chemotherapy (LDIPT) cancer treatment plan using only 10-15% dose along with low-dose chemotherapy.
  3. Supplements and Hormones, (if the cancer is “Hormone Driven”)
  4. Supplements alone.

Greater than 95% of all our patients chose option number two: Low-dose Non-Toxic-Potentiated Lite Chemotherapy (LDIPT) using only 10-15% chemotherapy dosing with Non-Toxic. The therapy is begun on the nearest Monday. Each week, for three weeks, patients will receive “Immune Therapy” on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and LDIPT on Tuesday and Thursday.

Standard 3 Week Immune Protocol ™with The Low Dose IPT Protocol ™

Monday – Immune Protocol ™ + LAPd IV
Tuesday – LDIPT ™
Wednesday – Super “C”
Thursday – LDIPT ™
Friday – Immune Protocol ™ + LAPd

After the third week, when the patient is discharged to home, they are given low-dose oral therapy, which was genetically determined, for three more months.

During and after three months patients are evaluated with lab tests, chemistries, and tumor markers and appreciate radiology tests.

We discourage “high-voltage” PET, CAT or Bone Scans. Chest X-rays, MRIs, and Sonograms are used instead. Also, a quantitative CTC (circulating tumor cell) count is registered on the genetic test which offers an excellent parameter of the response.

After treating all cancer types for more than 40 years he advocates hope in victory over cancer with integrative cancer therapies where he combines the best conventional knowledge and adheres to the Nevada Medical Board’s standards and the Nevada Homeopathic Medical Board’s practices.