Frequently asked questions about Cancer Treatment

Find answers to frequently asked questions about the cancer treatment options offered at Forsythe Cancer Care Center.

Yes, the therapy is safer than a full dose of chemo with less side effects.  Call for more information.

With several different types of cancers, it is best to call and have a consultation to find out more about your specific condition.

The possible benefits of the therapy can be either complete or partial remission.  Or possible stabilization of the disease.

There is the possibility of an allergic reaction but that is very rare.

Yes, the benefits out way the harm.  Especially with minimal side effects.
You can have our therapy with radiation but best to call and have a consultation to learn more about your specific condition.
There is typically no interaction, however, best to have a consult to be sure.
The therapy is given orally, IV, sometimes topically or suppository (depending on the type of cancer.)

The cost of the therapy can depend on the types of drugs used, supplements, and treatment plan.  Call for more information.

Dr. Forsythe was top 10 in medical school, Army certified pathologist and more. You can ready about Dr. Forsythe’s qualifications HERE.