The physicians at the Forsythe Cancer Care Center consider your freedom in making health care choices essential, especially for those diagnosed as having cancer. Patients who seek medical freedom deserve to win the right to open access to integrative treatments. We agree with patients that they should have access to the integration of both conventional and complementary cancer treatments. Along with the medical team, patient and family the integrative choices for cancer treatment are discussed. Through the detailed education given to each patient by the medical team new approaches in conquering cancer are realized.

To conquer stress, Dr. Forsythe encourages all of his patients to become more active in exercise. Options he recommends include spiritual growth through daily prayer, meditation, yoga, massage and acupuncture, while also striving to achieve balance and harmony with the patient’s environment.

Dr. Forsythe also stresses the importance of vitamins, antioxidants, herbs, diets rich in vegetables, fruits, lean protein, fish, sugar-free foods, regular exercise, detoxification, colonics, and at least eight hours of nightly sleep. Another key factor involves a positive approach to life where love of self and others through spiritual growth are ever-present, creating an inner peace for life and the here after.

The direction in disease prevention also includes improvement not only in the quality of life but also in its duration. The core of this philosophy lies in the integration of conventional medicine with the complementary sciences.

Many factors cause us to age and become ill, one when we naturally acquire hormonal deficiencies as a programed decline with aging. The core to feeling better and protecting the body from disease is a program to replace the body’s hormones: estrogen, progesterone, testosterone DHEA, thyroid, adrenal hormones and human growth hormone, the master hormone of the body. These hormones need to be bio-identical in nature.

As these hormones decline, which is part of the natural aging process, all characteristics of advanced maturity emerge including wrinkles, gray hair, decreased energy, cardiac function, bone density and sexual activity. Through aging we also have increased susceptibility to degenerative disease and cancer, increased body fat, higher levels of bad cholesterol and lipids.

James W Forsythe, MD, HMD