Genomic testing is a form of genetic testing that involves analyzing all or part of an individual’s genome, including their individual genes and/or chromosomes. It can be used to diagnose inherited diseases, assess risk for health conditions, determine if someone will respond to certain medications, and even identify carrier status for specific genetic traits. In some cases, genomic testing can provide information about an individual’s ancestry.

Genomic testing has the potential to revolutionize healthcare, allowing for more personalized medical treatments that are tailored to the individual’s specific genomic makeup. The results of genomic testing can help doctors determine which interventions will be most effective and may even lead to improved health outcomes. With the increasing availability of genomic testing, more individuals are able to benefit from its insights and gain a better understanding of their own health.

Genomic testing for cancer patients in Reno, NV.

At Forsythe Cancer Care Center, Dr. Forsythe introduces Genomic cancer testing on circulating tumor malignant cells (CTCS) to all patients. CTCS gives an accurate and holistic picture of the tumor and is one of the best non-invasive cancer markers. It is useful for:

  • Providing a prognosis
  • Detecting residual cancer or cancer that has returned after treatment
  • Assess how well treatment is working
  • Monitor when treatment is no longer working

Circulating tumor markers may also be measured periodically after treatment has ended to check for recurrence (the return of cancer), though should not be the only testing used to diagnose the presence and severity of cancers.

This test isolates an individual patient’s circulating tumor stem blood cells and gives a customized cancer treatment plan for each patient depending upon the DNA of the specific tumor of each patient thus creating a blueprint for each individual’s cancer treatments.

What are the benefits of Genomic Testing?

The benefits of genomic testing are numerous and go beyond the diagnosis and treatment of genetic disorders. With genomic testing, individuals can gain access to insights about their own health that aid in preventative care as well as disease risk assessment and better targeted treatments. Additionally, genomic testing can provide valuable information about ancestry or other inherited traits.

Additional benefits of genomic testing for cancer patients include the ability to identify:

  • A cancer tumors’ genomic make-up by isolating the circulating tumor cells’ number in each cancer.
  • The best targeted drugs (Immunotherapy) for each indivdual
  • The best chemotherapy agents
  • The best hormonal and HER-2 Blockers
  • The best hormonal, supplement, and vitamin therapies

What are the advantages of Genomic Chemosensitivity Testing (CST)?

Genomic Chemosensitivity Testing (CST) provides a personalized approach to cancer treatment. It allows doctors to identify the most effective chemotherapeutic agents and tailor their use to each patient, taking into account the individual’s genetics, biology, and tumor characteristics. This helps reduce side effects while maximizing effectiveness of the drug.

Another advantage of CST is that it can be used to identify less toxic chemotherapeutic agents for patients who may not be able to tolerate traditional treatments. This increases the likelihood of successful treatment and better outcomes. Additionally, CST can help doctors quickly determine if a patient needs to switch from one drug to another if the current therapy is not working.

Finally, as CST is increasingly used to identify the best treatments for cancer patients, it will help reduce healthcare costs and improve patient outcomes.

Overall, Genomic Chemosensitivity Testing (CST) provides a more personalized approach to cancer treatment while reducing the cost of care. It can also identify less toxic chemotherapeutic agents that may be better tolerated by patients, leading to improved outcomes. Ultimately, CST is an important tool for helping doctors identify the best treatment for each individual patient.

Genomic Testing To Improve Cancer Survivorship in Reno, Nevada

Dr. Forsythe believes that the Genomic test has improved the survivorship of the cancer patients that he has treated. He believes that knowing the individual’s genomic make-up of each cancer tumor helps to create a personalized treatment plan that is tailored to the patient’s specific needs and gives them a greater chance of survival. To learn how Genomic testing can help you or a loved one fight cancer, make an appointment at Forsythe Cancer Care Center in Reno, NV.