Fresh on the heels of his many hot-selling books, including several in conjunction with media sensation Suzanne Somers, internationally acclaimed Doctor James W. Forsythe blows the lid off of the mainstream medical industry’s conspiracy to force consumers to use harmful drugs for pain treatment ~ rather than harmless natural remedies. “Mainstream doctors are angry that I’m teaching the public about natural painkillers, but I don’t care if those physicians or the big pharmaceutical companies get upset by this book,” said Doctor Forsythe, an integrative medical oncologist who treats cancer patients suffering from pain and consumers with many other debilitating ailments. “For many years, the public has asked me to disclose this information, even though many allopathic doctors want to continue administering unnatural, dangerous and highly addictive painkillers. To those physicians I say, ‘The public deserves to know the truth.’” Adopting the same overall strategy that he has in his many other books, Doctor Forsythe answers lots of critical questions in an easy-to-understand fashion that portrays huge drug companies and the bulk of mainstream doctors in a negative light, highly critical of them for endangering patients. Among just some of the many questions that readers will find answers for: What are the best and safest natural painkillers for certain specific ailments? Where and how can consumers purchase these natural substances at reasonable prices? Also, why does the federal government continue to allow Big Pharmaceutical companies and mainstream physicians to recklessly endanger the public with harmful, highly addictive pain medications?

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