Once again blowing the lid off stupendous natural health remedies that standard doctors want to keep under cover, internationally acclaimed Homeopathic physician and oncologist James W. Forsythe reveals his stupendous findings on how whey protein can dramatically improve health. As clearly shown by Forsythe in his usual easy-to-read, no-nonsense style, the doctor reveals how whey protein can enable people to decrease the signs of aging, lose ugly body fat, gain eye-pleasing muscles, prevent cancer, and avoid the buildup of life-threatening plaque. “People are amazed when they learn these compelling details for the first time,” said Doctor Forsythe, an anti-aging expert, also among only a handful of integrative medical oncologists practicing in the United States. “Most standard-medicine doctors and greedy pharmaceutical companies want to keep from the public my riveting details about the benefits of whey protein.” Rather than recommending natural non-toxic whey protein to their patients, many mainstream allopathic doctors recklessly prescribe toxic, addictive and dangerous pharmaceuticals for a vast array of ailments. As shown by Forsythe, when used as he recommends whey protein also can prevent arterial disease, increase bone density, keep seniors from becoming frail, and boost levels of healthful bacteria in the gut while ridding dangerous microbes from that area. Already heralded for setting the record straight on these critical health issues, “Dr. Forsythe’s Whey Protein Anti-Aging Formula” is the latest in a steady stream of books by Doctor Forsythe on everything from sleep, death and natural remedies to natural pain cures and his unique anti-cancer diet.

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