Are you dying? Or, are you anxious about the anticipated demise of a loved one? Most people stuck in such situations find themselves bombarded with relentless, intermittent and growing anger, fear, denial and frustration. Since childhood a vast majority of us have known death eventually would occur. Yet why as their final breath approaches do people feel as if mortified by a sense of surprise? Why are you weepy, emotional, or “not behaving like yourself?” Besides being in denial, you still might be asking: “Why am I dying? Why is my little boy, or girl, or spouse, or lover leaving this world? Why is this all happening to me, or is this—the impending death—actually occurring? Why does this all seem like such a dream? Perhaps most important, how can I cope, if at all?” Well, finally such queries can and are addressed fully in compelling detail by internationally acclaimed integrative medical oncologist and author, James W. Forsythe, M.D., H.M.D. His medical clinic hails as having one of the world’s highest survival rates among Stage IV cancer patients at such facilities. Now in his fifth decade of practicing medicine, this world-renowned doctor has plenty of seasoned advice on what you should know regarding what death “is,” how this transition occurs, what you should expect from this process, and how you can cope.

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