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february2011A gift of Love Powerful resolutions for the rest of your life

Patients at the clinic are enamored by Dr. Maged Maged. Many patients tell us that meeting with Dr. Maged is the highlight of their day. His words to patients and family members provide them with encouragement and hope,both while they are at the clinic and upon their return home.



May 17-19, 2013 At the annual IV Therapies 2013 conference, Anaheim , California , James Forsythe, M.D., H.M.D., the leading Integrative Oncologist in the United States was honored by a group of  his professional colleagues for his recognition in the dedication, commitment and contribution for his life time achievement in the treatment of cancer patients.  Pictured from left: James Wm. Forsythe, MD, HMD with Larry Woodhouse, Park IV Compounding



january-1012Healthy Eating.

The importance of proper dietary habits, pH balancing, and proper supplementation cannot be overemphasized as a major weapon which is under the direct control of the patients themselves.

With the advent of chemosensitivity testing, especially from the Good Gene Laboratory in Houston, Texas, we are now able to pinpoint specific recommendations for each patient based on genetic decoding.  These include a list of supplements which will provide the most ammunition to effect the deaths of the "mother stem cells", as well as to fortify the immune system.

In addition, such recommendations as to whether "soy" products should be included in diets is uncovered and often recommended by these tests.  Soy is a phytoestrogen and as such has been controversial in its use in both breast and prostate cancers.


january2011At the start of a New Year, who does not want to experience the fresh start of turning over a new leaf? Whether you are just starting your cancer battle or persevering in the fight, here are 10 resolutions you may want to consider adopting for 2011. Each of these resolutions, provided by Dr. Maged H. Maged of Century Wellness Clinic, will serve you on your quest to live the longest, healthiest, most loving life you can.

linda_kayDon’t call me a “CANCER SURVIVOR” I’d prefer cancer conqueror.

Please don’t refer to me as a“cancer survivor”—if you need to put a name to it, I’d prefer cancer conqueror. Yes! According to Doctor Forsythe, I’m in full remission now after having found a lump (the size of a walnut) in my right breast just 10 months ago. However, I do not care to give cancer such power by thinking I had to survive it or be it’s victim. People don’t say they are a “victim” of the flu or that they are a pneumonia “survivor.”No! You simply get over the flu or pneumonia, so why not the same for cancer?