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may2011.pdfHealing Miracles Live

Interacting with Dr. Forsythe up close and personal with Webinars

Via live Internet connections, people worldwide watched Dr. James W. Forsythe on April 21, 2011, in “Healing Miracles Live--The Future of Medicine.” The compelling and informational Webinar presented by NaturalHealth365.com was quickly heralded as a great success. The presentation, which included a live Q&A session, also featured Dr. Hyla Cass, who told viewers how to improve our energy, moods and brain functions. A recorded “on demand” version was available for viewing at NaturalHealth365.com until May 18, 2011, and a DVD of the production will be ready to view at CWC in July.


october2011Rationing Oncology Care?

As a cost saving maneuver to cut the cost of entitlement medical costs of Medicare, Medicaid and its soon to be implemented “Obamacare”, subtle rationing measures are already here. Teaching courses for primary care physicians are now telling attendees that if patients are over 50/60/70 there are certain cancer screening tests that are not cost-effective and not indicated. Here are some examples in the Big 4 Cancers.

In Breast Cancer, yearly mammograms after 50 are being reduced to every two years until age 70 to 75, when any screening is being discouraged. Unbelievably Breast-Self- Examinations (BSE) are being down played as of little value even in women over 40 years of age. Also safer diagnostic procedures, which give less radiation exposure such as ultra sounds and MRI’s because of their expense are being discouraged.


drforsythe-articleCancer Chemo sensitivity Testing

Cancer Chemo sensitivity Testing in my mind after 40 years of practicing cancer medicine is the biggest “C Change” that I have seen in all my years of practice with over 200,000 patient visits. The advent of Cancer Chemo sensitivity Testing in our practice has made a major differencein the lives of our patients success rates and improved overall survival rates. These statistics show up in our current 5 -Year, 500 patient study. This study using various combinations of conventional and natural therapies in what is termed as the overall designation of Integrative Oncology.

This Newsletter Contains 2 movies

september2010Dr. Forsythe and Century Wellness Clinic will be featured on PBS affiliates in all fifty States

On August 12th, a crew from Insight Productions, with headquarters in Florida was on hand to film a short documentary project with Century Wellness Clinic, featuring Dr. James Forsythe as the principle spokesperson.

The project will feature Century Wellness as an example of a cutting edge medical facility, and will detail the personalized approach to each patient, and the care and treatment that a patient receives. Insight feels that Dr. Forsythe’s experience in alternative medicine used in combination with ground breaking therapies can be greatly educational for television viewers, and will utilize this segment as institutional programming and will be distributing the segment to Public Television affiliates in all fifty states. 

july2011The overall survival rate for patients with Stage IV cancer receiving chemotherapy was only 2.1% in the United States, and a similar study done in Australia showed only a 2.3% survival rate

It was during my training at UC San Francisco that I discovered how arbitrary the cancer treatment protocols we were learning had already become. Someone would get an idea that we should prescribe a particular drug twice a week for this or that cancer and it should be a standardized dose. Many times there was no scientific evidence behind what they were saying...