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awardThe Academy of Comprehensive Integrative Medicine presented their Lifetime Achievement Award to Dr. James Forsythe for his contributions to the advancement of the art and science of medicine, specifically as it relates to Stage IV cancers.

Dr. Forsythe believes in serving his country and his community.  For 26 years he served as a member of the regular army and army reserves, retiring as a full colonel and Nevada National Guard State Surgeon.

His active duty included a tour of Vietnam in 1969 as a Major.


After completing his undergraduate degree in bio-physics at the University of California, Berkley, he graduated from one of the top five medical schools in the United States, University of San Francisco, California, and entered private practice as one of the first to become a board certified medical oncologist.  

While practicing in the early 1970’s in Reno, Nevada, he developed cancer wards at the two major medical
facilities in Reno.  Over the years he became disenchanted with the dismal survival rate of standard oncology.  
In the 1990’s he began to incorporate components of integrative medicine and to actively engage his patients in
their own healing by giving them choices, which included the blending of allopathic, complementary and alternative
therapies.  In 1994, Dr. Forsythe received his homeopathic degree from The British Institute of Homeopathy.  
As of today, Dr. Forsythe is the only Board Certified Medical Oncologist and Homeopathic physician practicing
integrative oncology in the United States and internationally.

The result of Dr. Forsythe’s changing cancer treatment philosophies has been nothing short of miraculous for his patients.  
Whereas the five year survival rate for Stage IV cancer patients using conventional chemotherapy alone is a minuscule 2%,
his patients have been rewarded with much higher rates of survorship.  In a 27 month out-come based investigation
for all types of adult cancers, he is achieving a 72% survorship rate. He has pioneered chemosensivity testing which
allows a more directed treatment protocol created specifically for the individual patient.  His desire to make a difference
for his patients has not come without cost as he has been attacked numerous times for his practice protocols.

Dr. Forsythe, you have blazed a trail for others to follow in integrative oncology. Your ability to stand when attacked
has given other practitioners hope. Where lesser men would have retreated you have forged ahead for the welfare
of your patients.  You have given hope to many who would have otherwise been told to go home and die.  
For your outstanding leadership and compassion we salute you and acknowledge your life-changing contributions
to your fellow man through this award.