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Forsythe Protocol & The Role of Lipoic Acid Mineral Complex in Integrative Medicine




Introduction / Background


Currently, Dr. Forsythe at the Forsythe Cancer Center is and has been examining the

adjunctive effects of Poly-MVA in Integrative Oncology for the last 12 years. Its most 

active ingredient is a novel organo-mineral compound called Lipoic Acid Mineral

Complex (LAMC), which facilitates charge transfer to provide metabolically-targeted 

therapy. From 2004-2006 Dr. James Forsythe studied 225 stage IV cancer patients

(multiple origins). Treatment with Poly-MVA or Poly-MVA + chemotherapy provided a 6-

year Overall Survival rate of 32%, while the average 5-year survival rate is 2.1% in all

stage IV cancers, as reported in the Clinical Journal of Oncology. 


Materials and Methods


Dr. Forsythe’s is now utilizing genetic chemo-sensitivity testing, immune therapy, insulin-

potentiated therapy, along with IV Poly-MVA to enhance his results. The patients are 

discharged on oral Poly-MVA and targeted treatments, with follow-up every 3 months.




Thus far in his current 6 year study of 1,000 patients having a 70% survival rate.


Summary / Conclusions  


In 2009 Poly-MVA completed an IND safety study and is currently being utilized as 

integrative support in glioblastoma (Stony Brook University) and multiple myeloma

(Virginia Tech-College of Osteopathic Medicine) IND studies. Dr. Forsythe's ongoing

of Osteopathic Medicine) IND studies. Dr. Forsythe’s ongoing outcome-based study

continues to Demonstrate Poly MVA’s role in the Integrative Oncology arena. By

enhancing aerobic Cellular metabolism, Poly-MVA potentiates therapy, attenuates

side effects and enhances a patient's quality of life.




Lipoic Acid Mineral Complex (LAMC) is the most active ingredient in a dietary 

supplement called Poly-MVA. In the LAMC complex, the transition metal palladium is 

bound to the anti-oxidant alpha lipoic acid, creating a potent redox polymer that is a fat 

and water soluble. in addition to LAMC, this proprietary blend is formulated with

minerals, vitamins and amino acids such as molybdenum, rhodium, ruthenium,

thiamine, riboflavin, cyanocobalamin, acetyl cysteine, and formyl methionine. Redox

polymers are very efficient at accepting and transferring charge (electrons), which is

the basis of cellular metabolism. A unique characteristic of cancer cells is that they have

a disrupted metabolism. Malignant cells favor an anaerobic metabolism (red oval in

figure below) and make physiologic adaptations to a hypoxic environment.


Lipoic Acid Mineral Complex (LAMC)

Role in Energy Metabolism


Lipoic Acid Mineral Complex (LAMC)



In contrast, LAMC facilitates aerobic metabolism since thiamine and lipoic acid act as

cofactors in the conversion of pyruvate at Complex I of the mitochondria, which targets 

LAMC’s energy to theaerobic cascade (figure above). Our research has focused on

LAMC as a metabolically-targeted therapy.






  • Physical Exam : tumors in skin, liver, spleen, lymph nodes, etc.

  • X-Rays: tumors detectable in CXR, bone X-rays, mammograms, etc.

  • CT Scanning*: tumors detectable in brain, chest, abdomen, pelvis or bones

  • Ultrasounds: breast GB, liver, ovaries, spleen, etc.

  • MRIs: brain, neck, sinuses, joints, breasts, muscles, soft tissues, etc.

  • Pet Scans*: total body scanning

  • Chemo-sensitivity testing: on whole blood (RGCC, Inc.)

  • Hormonal balancing testing: saliva or blood

(* Dr. Forsythe discourages the excessive use of CT/PET scanning)




  • Bladder: NMP-22, BTA

  • Breast: CEA, CA 27-29, CA 15-3

  • Colorectal: CEA, CA19-9, 5HIAA (Carcinoids)

  • Esophagus: CEA, CA 19-9

  • Gastric: CEA, CA 19-9

  • Liver: AFP, CEA, CA 19-9

  • Lung: CEA, CA 19-9

  • Lymphomas: ESR, LDH, Beta-2 microglobulin, SPE

  • Myeloma: B2MG, SPE, LDH, ESR

  • Pancreas: CEA, CA 19-9

  • Prostate: PSA, Free PSA

  • Ovary: CA 125

  • Testes: AFP, HCG



1.  Normal Saline          7.  L-Lysine

2.  Magnesium Cl          8.  Zinc

3.  Pyridoxine                 9.  L-Glutathione

4.  Vitamin B-12            10. Folic Acid

5.  Vitamin C                  11. DMSO

6.  B Complex                12. Oral Poly-MVA on non-IV days



  • Monday: Forsythe Immune Protocol + Poly-MVA IV

  • Tuesday: Forsythe IPT Lite + L-Glutathione IV

  • Wednesday: Super “C” (50 grams) + H2O2 IV

  • Thursday: Forsythe IPT Lite + L-Glutathione IV

  • Friday: Forsythe Immune Protocol + Poly-MVA IV


Discharged to home on maintenance: Poly-MVA oral, targeted

Note: Case studies furnished upon request.